Base quartet

Piano: Jorge Vera – Sax: Rafael Águila –

Bass: Santiago Greco – Drums: Shayan Fathi

Special guests

Vox: Amandine Savary – Harmonica: Antonio Serrano –

Percussion: Jorge Pérez – Trumpet: Manuel Machado –

Bass: Christian Gálvez


Recorded at Infinity Studios by Pedro and Pablo Baselga. Mixed and mastering by Shayan Fathi.

The evolution of the path

Jorge Vera´s second record brings us twelve elaborate pieces of musical craftsmanship that alternate melodic lines with his usual torrential and overwhelming improvisations.

“Luz” is jazz fusion from the XXI century, blending baroque echoes , european mist and delicate latin counterpoints in an unique and very personal mix.

It counts with incandescent collaborations from a selected group of modern jazz masters that flank Jorge Verás musical flight: Antonio Serrano (harmonica) pouring magic in “Comprende”, Manuel Machado´s (trumpet) bringing his class to “Les Feuilles Mortes” or the great Jorge Pérez (percussion) filling the spaces as he only knows.

We can also find the amazing bass nuances of Christian Gálvez (Stanley Clarke, Bill Conham) creating intricate rhythmic patterns in combination with the equally extraordinary bass of Santiago Greco. The elegant drums of Shayan Fathi, the blinding saxophones of Lisandro Mansilla or Rafael Águila and the subtle voice of Amandine Savary complete the lineup of this fantastic record.

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