Jorge Vera Groovera


Bass: Roberto Trujillo -Schlagzeug: José Manuel Vera, Ronald baez , Abraham Yuss
Trompete: Sebastián Jordan – Gitarre : Eduardo vera
Stimme: Martina Lecaros, Pedro foncea – Chöre : Eduardo Vera  y Martina lecaros
Klavier: Jorge Vera


Arrangiert von Jorge Vera und produziert von Felo Foncea.

Aufnehmen bei Foncea Studios und gemischt von Guyi Campodónico.

The journey to the personal


Jorge Vera´s first studio work came to life back in 2.010 at his native Chile. As it is usual with the opera primas, it briefs a whole life of influences and musical experiences.

Groovera walks the fusion jazz territories, that surely is the most wide niche within jazz because it allows multiple stylistic journeys. In this frame, the album ranges from classic jazz to a soul pop piece. Within, the whole spectrum of possible blends.

Besides the adventure of an artist that records his first studio work, the album has a special emotional component because both Jorge´s father and brother played in it, among many other remarkable talents of the south american country

If the first steps show the trend for the future, Jorge made a statement of intentions with this work filled with quality and master interpretations. Without any doubt the initiatory passage of this talented artist, from escort to leader, fulfilled a great success.

Welcome to the journey to the personal of Jorge Vera.

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